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Wedding Ceremonies


Planning your wedding day is a very special time for both you and your partner and planning your wedding ceremony should be a pleasurable experience collating your ideals, values and personalities into a beautiful, memorable ceremony.

A lot of people don’t realise how much scope they have to create a ceremony they really love and really feel comfortable with. The options are endless when you choose to have a civil ceremony. It can be at any location at any time and I have a wide variety of ideas to suit your theme.

Perhaps you might like to involve people who are special to you, or include traditions from another culture, or poetry or music. You may like to commemorate a family member by lighting a candle before the ceremony begins or including a sand or wine ceremony to symbolise the blending of your two families.

The choice is yours.

I have 3 different price packages available to suit everyones budget!

Please call or email for more information.

I also offer a obligation free consultation to discuss if I am the right celebrant for you.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

The celebration of a new life is a magical time for parents, family and friends.

A Naming Ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the birth of your child and welcoming the new arrival into the family and the wider community.

It is also ideally suited to welcome and celebrate

an adoptive child into the family or to embrace stepchildren

into a new family. 

Renewal of Vows

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is for married couples who wish to celebrate their original vows or create new vows to each other.

Celebrate your next anniversary by renewing your commitment to each other and rekindling your original marriage vows.

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is for couples who have made a commitment to each other and wish to publicly declare their love and devotion and become partners for life before family and friends.


Having a celebrant officiate at a special celebration such as a birthday or anniversary, highlights the importance, and adds formality to the occasion


A Funeral should reflect how your loved one was in life and leave everyone present with a real personalised remembrance of the person. A funeral should include many elements, including a time for relection and mourning, a time for humour and remembrance and a time for sharing the spirit of the person who has passed.

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